Inspired by Nature

Sometimes when I have a little creative block I find it helpful to take a walk in the park and shoot some pictures. Sometimes I collect little stones, seed pods or pieces of wood on my walks. I spent about 15 minutes in the park today and I can't believe I have never seen acorns just starting out. Below are todays pictures. Everything from flowers to the tiny beginnings of new life.

When I came home I did some quick sketches with some watercolor and ink. I love cone flowers, they are dainty and tough at the same time. By the time I was done with my sketches my creative block was gone so I headed down to the studio and went through my seed pod and wood bits collection for my daily drawing. I have lots of different collections and each one is special. Most were found on a walk or on a vacation. I have a whole little jar full of sea glass from my last trip to the west coast. I have found that instead of buying souvenirs finding little keepsakes mean more because I find them while enjoying life. This seed pod was found on my recent trip to Atlanta, I always take a picture when and where I find my little items. By doing this each item is tagged with the date and location plus I can see how the item has changed over time. Hope you all had a creative weekend. Until next time why don't you get out enjoy a little creative rejuvenation in nature. :)

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