Living in an Art Store Desert

June 29, 2016

I sort of live in an art supply desert here in Indianapolis, IN. Of course I have the standard fabric and craft stores but we only have one small art store named Prism to get more specific artist quality materials. Now don't get me wrong I love my little art store and the amazing people who work there (a lot of them are artists and they really know their stuff) I always try to hit them first when I am looking for new products or need to get some paint for a class I am teaching, but I also order a lot of supplies online especially since I run and own Art Bento Box. Finding interesting, fun and original supplies requires a lot of digging and while I do tap into Etsy and smaller companies for some specific items I basically order most things from 2 main places online Dick Blick and Jerry's Artarama.


Now if you have never ordered from Jerry's Artarama you definitely need to! They have great prices and as a bonus they sometimes throw in extras or samples of products. I just got an order from them yesterday and I was super excited to find a sample pad of Strathmore Marker Paper and a dual tip concept marker! YAY! I thought I would test these items out and give you a quick review!


 I received a 4x6 pad of marker paper with 12 sheets of paper and the dual tip Concept marker in a little cello bag with my order. I decided to start by testing out the types of lines the marker could make. As you can see I used the chisel tip side for the bold lines and the fine tip side for the thinner lines and the single marks. I then married the concept marker up with some of my favorite colors of Copic markers and drew a simple flower. The Concept marker was waterproof and dried immediately. The marker feathered a tiny bit on the Strathmore paper but was very crisp on the coated sheet I tested it on. The Copic markers stayed crisp and matched up well in coverage.



As you can see in this last shot there is a bit of show through but nothing bleed through to the next page! I call that a win especially with the dark black of the Concept marker! 


Thanks so much for reading! I would love to hear what markers are your favorite! Until next time keep creating!


Side note: This is not a sponsored post! This is my honest opinion on the products included in my order from Jerry's Artarama. :)


Super secret extra side note: Look for a Dual tip Concept marker in an upcoming Art Bento Box! ;)

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