Bullet Journal Down Time

As the summer is winding down I find myself going to more family outings and dinners and I like to use my down time while we are waiting around for a table or traveling to and from places to think about all of the things I love. I use my bullet journal to make lots of lists, both fun things I love and of course to do lists along with every kind of list in between. If you have never heard of a bullet journal check out the bullet journal website for a crash course.

I recently custom designed a Roterfaden (see pic below) and it is the perfect size for carrying in a pocket or purse, it holds 4 books so I can draw, do a little quick watercolor study and of course bullet journal. I feel like bullet journaling is an quick fun way to get ideas on paper focus on the positives of a time, place, event etc. and my 11 year old can help me brainstorm things for my list so he can stay occupied as well.

Recently my family and I went to a vegan test brunch for a local restaurant that is opening up here in Indy and I knew it was going to be an extra long wait so I brought along my Roterfaden to make a summer bullet journal page. It was fun to think back over the last few months and make a list of all of the fun we have done so far. I also made a favorite vegan food list and a favorite flower list since it is time to start thinking about what bulbs I might want to plant in the garden for next spring.

We had lots of fun adding ideas to the journal and my summer list also inspired a project for The Crafter's Workshop blog post that wrote that goes live tomorrow! (September 6th)

Along with my list making I also like to add little doodles onto the page in the margin or up the side. These are fun to do from just the listed items because I typically don't have any source material available so they end up looking fun and loose which I enjoy. Check out the video and images below of my custom Roterfaden and my latest bullet journal pages.

Thanks for reading! Until Next time, keep creating!

XOXO - Tori

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