Creating Art in the Art Baks!

Late last year I was selected to set up a little pop up studio/gallery in a box called "Art Båks" in the Arts and Theater District (Massachusetts Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis) so each weekend I open up meet the people on Indy, sell my work and make some art!

I was also asked recently to participate in a blog hop and try out a brand new inspirational card deck so I thought this would be a great starter for ideas and something I could easily bring with me to the Art Båks and have some fun with while I was downtown. Starting October 31st each of the artists listed below will share their thoughts, techniques and blogs using this fun deck of cards. Artist Karen Friesland has truly unique ideas in this deck and each card is inspiring me in some fun new ways. I will be posting a full photo tutorial on November 4th but I thought it would be fun to draw a card and include my creation in my daily Moleskine for today as well. Since it is also #Inktober I thought it would be extra fun to use acrylic ink on my page as well!

The card I drew instructed me to use primarily cool colors, (blues, greens and violets) and limited warm colors, (Reds, oranges, and yellows). It then asked me how does it make me feel calm or energized. I selected some Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink as well as a few of the new Liquitex Muted inks.

My chosen "cool" colors were:

Daler Rowney FW - Dark Green

Daler Rowney FW - Indigo

Liquitex Ink - Muted Grey (which looks like grey blue violet)

Liquitex Ink - Muted Violet (Which is a very deep violet color)

My chosen "Warm" colors were:

Daler Rowney FW - Yellow Ochre

Daler Rowney FW - Flame Red

I used a flat and round brush to apply each of the inks and allowed the color to blend a bit. I love how vibrant ink is and it also dries to a beautiful matte finish.

I allowed myself the freedom to just lay down color and enjoy the process of building up layers of cool colors. I then let that dry completely before I applied the warm colors. This piece makes me feel both calm and energetic. The cool colors and river like lines are calming and the bits or red really vibrate an jump out at me!

These cards can be purchased from Karen HERE on her Easy page!

There is a 10% off coupon good until November 30th. Use ARTSPARKSINTRO

Make sure to stop back for a full Art Journal tutorial blog post by me on November 4th! I will be using this awesome deck again and taking you through a full art journal spread!

There are also 9 other artists taking part of this blog hop so go check them out as well!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Karen Friedland

Sadelle Wiltshire

Tuesday, November 1

Jeri Bellini

Yva Lovee Barbour

Wednesday, November 2

Barb Owen

Tiare Smith

Thursday, November 3

Gina Ahrens

Melissa Partridge

Friday, November 4

Kiala Givehand

Tori Weyers

If you want to go ahead and try out the prompt on this card I would love to see what you create! tag me on Instagram @Drawriot and use these hashtags #ArtSparksbloghop and #ArtSparksArt I am sure Karen the creator of this deck would also love to see what you came up with, you can find her on Instagram @ArtistKarenFriedland.

Thanks so much for reading and happy creating!

XOXO - Tori Weyers

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