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I am so excited to participate in the Art Sparks blog hop! In case you missed my previous post (here) Art Sparks Creative Project Card Deck is a deck of cards that helps spark creative inspiration, fun projects and both process exploration and finished work. Artist Karen Friesland has truly unique ideas in this deck and each card is inspiring me in fun new ways!

Below is my take on card number 28 (pictured below). I created an art journal spread using a white crayon resist technique and I loved the freedom and exploration that happened using this card! Since Fall is settling in around me I thought it would be fun to create some beautiful flowers to remind me of the bright sunny days from spring and summer. Below is my step by step tutorial and a supply list to get your started.

Supplies: - Art Sparks Creative Project Card Deck

- White Crayon, oil pastel or other white waxy medium (make sure it is NOT water soluble)

- Set of oil pastels in various colors

- FW Acrylic Ink Ochre Yellow - Tim Holtz distressed spray ink Victorian Velvet

- Blick Matte Acrylic Paint Aqua

- Golden Liquid Acrylic Paint Quinacridone Magenta

- Faber Castell Pitt Pen: Brush Tip & XS tip

I started my spread with a white oil pastel. You can just barely see the lines I drew in the image below. I loosely illustrated flowers with overlapping lines and big bold petals and small marks for details.

I then took the spray ink gave it a few sprays and used some water to spread the ink out a bit.

I then put a few drops of the FW Acrylic Ink onto my palette added a bit of water to thin it out a bit. I used a flat #6 brush to apply 2 round shapes for the flower center and a bit of yellow at the bottom to briton the edge of the page.

Next I added a bit of the aqua paint and the magenta to my palette and then added a bit of water to each. I loosely painted the centers of the flower shapes and the the loopy petals in the center.

I continued to add paint until all of the white areas of the page were covered. You can see how bright and bold the colors are even through they are watered down. I love how dreamy and soft this base layer is. You can see the white oil pastel lines that went down first.

Next I used an ochre, magenta, and aqua oil pastel to add contrast and color to define the edges of my flower shapes. I used colors that are similar to the paints and ink I choose so it fit with the color palette and it gives the spread a consistent and harmonious feel.

I added a bit more white oil pastel to highlight some of the areas that lost definition in the painting process.

I finished off the spread by adding some detail marks around the petals, thin lines in the blank circle spaces and a little hand lettering in the open yellow space at the bottom of the page.

Overall this was a really fun process! I don't think I would have come up with a spread like this without the card as a jumping off place and I love the washy ink and painted look with the white free form drawing peaking through. I will definitely use this technique again!

I would love to see what you create so please tag me on Instagram or Facebook @drawriot and use these hashtags #ArtSparksbloghop and #ArtSparksArt

If you would like to get a set of these cards to kick your inspiration into high gear or as a stocking stuffer for the holidays they can be purchased from Artist Karen Friesland HERE on her Easy page!

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You can also join the Art Sparks Card Deck community by joining the Facebook group – ART SPARKS CREATIVITY.

*Bonus - WIN AN ART SPARKS CARD DECK! Enter by leaving a comment below telling me what your favorite flower is and why you love it!

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Thanks so much for reading and happy creating!

XOXO - Tori Weyers

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