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366 of 366 #DrawRiotDaily 2016

Another year of art comes to a close. I started this years challenge with wild abandon and a bunch of other to do items for my life and while some of them went by the wayside ( Gym 6 days a week - um that didn't happen maybe 2017??? ) I kept my daily book going strong! I also got into more art shows, taught and participated in more online classes, and had 3 solo shows!

Whew what a year!

I have gotten some requests for a page turn of my book so I have included it below along with a time lapse of my final page for the year! I also threw the prompts in for January if you want to join in the fun!

Page turn of my whole 2016 Moleskine Daily Book!

Time lapse of my last day for the year!

If you want to join in and can't find any Moleskine books left son Amazon the Pentalic Pocket Journal is a good stand in. I use this little book as a throw it in my bag book it has thick pages and is small like the Moleskine. I tossed the January Prompts in again below. Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!

Until Next Time!

xoxo - Tori Weyers

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