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#DrawRiotDaily February

Its time to release the new prompts for February! I spelled insect wrong on my prompt list (see below) but since I already posted it and I think allowing and accepting mistakes in your life helps to push you to grow as a person so I am leaving it that way. ;)

I am blown away by all of the amazing and inspiring pages so far this month! I love all of the variety of pages both in imagery and process. One prompt can vary so much from abstract to literal to figurative to hand lettering and it is just awesome! I think one of my favorite days so far has been day #15 "Yellow". I shared this image below on my Instagram if you want to link to these artists @grayangide @valchicsj @msdianaklein @sewcrazi @birgitkoopsen @rrlefthand @nwhitis @murielartjournal @tinajensenart check out this post in my feed they are all tagged it!

For my pages I have tried to keep with the daily prompt theme but I also allow myself the freedom to create in a variety of mediums and styles. My page a day book is a place where I allow myself to just create without "rules". I would love for you all to join in for the month of February! There are so many challenges going on so don't feel like you are tied down to my prompts the whole goal of #DrawRiotDaily is just to make a little piece/page of art every day, feel free to wander and explore in your little book or whatever you are using to create. I have decided to provide prompts all year so that if you ever feel stuck, lost or uninspired you can come back to the #DrawRiotDaily community check the latest prompts and free yourself to create!

I have included a few other challenges below that are going on now and in the future if you want some additional inspiration!

For me Art and Inspiration are 2 things you can never have to much of! ;)

#1: Rae Missigman #ArtMarks30DayChallenge (happening now)

RAEMISSIGAN 30 day challenge

#2 A is for Anika Pattern January (happening now)

#3 Tammy Garcia The 7th annual Index Card A Day challenge (Starts June 1, 2017)

Hope you are having a wonderful and creative 2017 so far I am super excited about a year of making art and I am excited and joyful so many of you are joining me on this journey! Leave a moment below and let me know of any other challenges you love!

Until Next time, Keep Creating!

xoxo - Tori

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