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#DrawRiotDaily April

April DrawRiot Daily Prompts

Spring is happening and before you know it everything around you is in bloom and humming. One of my favorite things about spring is the big fat bees that visit my flowers. I love to watch their slow lazy flight patterns in and out of my yard. They always make me smile. I imagine they have little headphones on with tropical breeze music playing and they are in no hurry to go about their day. :)

Above are the prompts for the April #DrawRiotDaily challenge those of you that are sticking with a page a day congratulations you have made it past the most challenging part of this journey which is making it a routine in your life! Those of you that are catching up, just starting or want to start congratulations to you too any time you can create it is good for you and its never to late to jump in, its ok to just start where you are!

There are no official "Rules" to this challenge the above propts are there if you need a little direction but feel free to do whatever you want as well. If you want to use the official hashtag #DrawRiotDaily to share I will be checking in on it sharing some of my favorite pages plus its a place for every to give support and see what others are creating on their year long creative journey!

I am on spring break right now and of course for me a vacation wouldn't be complete without lots of art, some self reflection and lots of exploration. Chris and I are shooting a travel edition of Coffee Tea & Art (our YouTube channel Show). I can't wait to share it! I am also working on a secret project that will be coming out soon and I am taking some time to walk, do yoga and just be.

Below you will find a photo from yesterdays outing to Big Pine Key and a bonus art journal prompt you can use while you are on vacation, holiday or having your favorite up of tea or coffee wherever you happen to be.

Until Next time keep creating!

XOXO - Tori

Bonus Art Journal Prompt: Small Things I want to Enjoy more Often

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