Capturing Moments Exercise 1 - Flowers

May 6, 2017

I feel like I am always wrestling with the mistress of time even when I am on vacation. Staying in the moment and capturing the colors, shapes and life around me helps me to slow down and enjoy life more. I am always looking for ways to create lasting memories and in this fast paced world or snapchat and selfies moments become a blur. I thought it would be fun to start a series on my blog all about slowing down even if it is just a few moments and taking a break to create. 


For my first installment of "Capturing Moments" I am focusing on flowers. I love the variety of colors, textures and shapes flowers can have. Even the tiniest of flowers can be an intricate bit of magic if you just take a moment to stop and look. I especially enjoy capturing flowers on vacation because when you travel the vegetation can be so different and interesting. Check out my quick tutorial below for stopping and capturing the moments of life around you.

If you know me and have seen my other videos on my YouTube channel you know I have a bit of an art supply obsession. I always carry a little studio with me of everything I might need, however for this capturing Moments series I want to focus on the idea of less is more. For this first exercise you will need very few supplies. I have listed them below with links and ideas for alternates if you don't happen to have these few things in your stash.



- Set of 10 Neocolor II Water-soluble Artists' Pastels from Caran d'Ache 

(Alternate: water soluble oil pastels, water soluble colored pencils, or watercolor sticks)

- Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush

(Alternate: a small paintbrush and some water)

- A set of Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

(Alternate: Ballpoint pen or whatever kind of marker you have that is NOT water soluble)

- Watercolor Artist Trading cards

(Alternate: sketchbook or whatever substrate you may have)

- White Gel Pen (optional)


To get started I took a quiet walk around the condo area where we were staying for spring break. I tried to focus on the sounds around me and the feeling of wind blowing through my hair. I could hear the sea gulls and the ocean hitting the docks. My goal here was to really stop and look around and be in the moment. I was also looking at the life around me and found some interesting flowers not to far from my front door.



I thought this red and white flower was really interesting. So I stopped to quickly capture the essence of the flower with my Neocolor Crayons and a Water Brush. I am using watercolor artist trading cards to keep my pieces small and quick.

 I start with a really quick sketch and just block in the shapes with a base color that i feel represents the flower color. I repeat this same process for the leaves.

 Once I am happy with my basic quick blocked in sketch I use my water brush to blend the color together.

 Below is my finished (for now) sketch I made sure to take a reference photo so I can spend some time putting in little details later. I repeat this process 2 more times. You can see my photo documented process below.




You can see from the last series I focused on shape, texture and volume when blocking in the flower to create a composition on my card. My focus was to be in the moment and just capture the essence of the flower. I wanted to look and just enjoy the process without worrying about perfection. In the next series I followed the same process of blocking color and shape then using my awaterbrush to fill in the volume.





 Here is a quick shot of all 3 of my flower studies together before I added the details in later. This is a fun process because it is very easy to walk around and explore with just these few items to car with you. I used my Neocolor tin as a hard surface to work on and used my awaterbrush to "set" the neo color crayons and add volume by blending the colors before moving on to the next study. Using this process I captured the life around me, enjoyed some quite time outside and worked on composition, color and process skills.

 Later the next day I used the quick snapshots of the flowers I took to go back in and add details and texture to my quick sketches. With just a few more supplies I added interest, contrast and a bit of personality and style to each of my little illustrations. 

 This was a fun exercise and allowed me to work on my artistic process while out and about traveling. It can be challenging to feel like you have enough time to create but with this process you truly only need 5 minutes and just a few supplies to get started.


I would love to see your flowers using this process! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook and look for my next capturing moments exercise soon!

Until Next time, Keep Creating!


XOXO -Tori


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