100 Days of Abstracts & What I Have Learned so Far

I am in year 3 of my #DrawRiotDaily page a day challenge and its going well, my little book is filling up with all sorts of creative processes and I am actually enjoying the process of having prompts as an option to push myself a bit in ways I might not have thought of. I am still allowing myself a totally free process page whenever the mood strikes but having prompts it is creating an interesting balance between free creative expression and creative expression with a starting base line.

I have been looking for a new challenge and I jumped into some new ones here and there so far this year, but I have had some creative block and an extra busy schedule lately so I haven't been as able to spend as much time in the studio as I would like. I felt like I really needed a push so I decided to take on the @elleluna 100 Day Challenge that started in April. I read her book THE CROSSROADS OF SHOULD AND MUST a few years ago and have been keeping up with her on IG for awhile but I hadn't ever joined her challenge so I thought it was about time! There are not any real "rules" to this challenge but she does have some suggestions:

Thats it! Simple!

There are some really fabulous 100 day projects going on out there! The #The100DayProject hashtag is full of juicy inspiration and I check it out most days. One of my favorite projects is @Making.Me and her #100DaysofPaintSketches and the whimsical #100daysofdrawingbigthingssmall by @maddywritingbubble.

I chose to use #100DaysOfAbstracts and started this challenge with no real expectations other than to make a 4x4 abstract piece every day. I wanted to also explore my style in creating abstract work and experiment with color, mark making, shape and composition. I have included some of my favorite pieces so far below. Along with what I have learned so far in my creative 100 day abstract practice.

Top 5 things I have Learned so Far:

  1. It doesn't matter how late it is you have time to create just go start and it will happen.

  2. It is ok to not be in control, put down water add paint and smear it around, the best things happen when you aren't in control.

  3. Throw nothing away and don't start over you are making art just keep going it will get to a good place, I promise.

  4. If you are stuck just start with your favorite color.

  5. Scribble and splatter to free your inner creative self.

I can't wait to see where this process takes me over the course of this 100 days I am already feeling that strong pull to my studio and the creative itch to explore some of these pieces on a larger scale. I have also decided to put each day up on my Etsy shop so if you are looking for a little piece of my creative spirit go check them out and grab your favorite before it is gone!

I would love to hear about your creative journey and the projects that have inspired you to create! Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

Until Next Time! Keep Creating!

xoxo - Tori

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