Sketchbook Series #1

This new "Sketchbook Practice" series is all about getting back to the basics of carrying around a sketchbook and filling it with creative process, marks and observations from your daily life.

Your sketchbook doesn't have to to be about making a beautiful page or really even have to have any specific purpose or outcome. Anything goes, so grab a sketchbook and lets explore together!

Steps for starting a Daily Sketchbook Habit

1. Find a book to work in

Size doesn't matter here I have sketchbooks of all shapes and sizes you should look for something you will enjoy using everyday. I like to have a thicker paper just in case I want to use wet medium but really anything goes you can always glue pages together to get a thicker page here and there.

2. Prioritize your practice and set a time limit

When forming a new habit the biggest challenge is making room in your day and making it a priority. Try to pick a time you know you can focus and set a time limit of 10 minutes. I do my daily practice right before bed and I prioritize it over extra TV time. ;) Bonus I sleep better with less screen time before bed!

3. Get a small cup of pens or a pouch to use with your sketchbook

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all of the choices I have when it comes to deciding what to use in my sketchbook. Since my goal is to use this as practice and not to "make art" I have a limited supply pouch that is portable and limits me to about 6 medium options. Having this limitation gets me working and focused on my goal.

4. Use Your Sketchbook every day

This sounds simple because it is! If your goal is to just use your sketchbook then ANYTHING goes draw 5 circles, scribble some lines, draw an object in the room you are in. Fill a page full of overlapping hearts. This is where lots of people get hung up and quit. Remind yourself that your goal is to just get something on paper. You don't have to make "Art" this is practice every time you put pen, pencil or brush to paper you are getting more comfortable as an artist. This can be your private book and paper and pencils are inexpensive so remove all of those obstacles you may have stacked in your way and just get creating!

To get you started on your sketchbook journey I will be doing a Sketchbook Practice Video series check out Video #1 below and jump over to my new FaceBook Group Creative and Caffeinated to share your pages, ideas or thoughts on sketchbooks!

Join the Creative and Caffeinated FaceBook Group! Click HERE!

What is your favorite art supply to use in your sketchbook or art journal? Leave a comment below or jump over and share on the Facebook Group!

Until Next Time! Enjoy your Creative Journey!

XOXO - Tori

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