Sketchbook Series #3

Quick sketchbook challenge this week, exploring one of my very favorite things CIRCLES! ;) I love circles because they are so fluid they are fun to make and experiment with through layering and color.

Each time I add a page to this exercise sketchbook I am reminded of this quote by Vincent Van Gogh -

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

As an artist I spend lots of time focused on the end result and if it is valuable or "good enough" to be considered a finished work of art. Asking myself, have I created a strong composition, have I used interesting marks or colors have I pushed myself enough. It is very easy to forget the process is just as important of a focus. The time you spend exploring without a "result" the more of a gift you give yourself to be free and find your deeper artistic self.

Below is a quick snapshot process of exploring circles through a few different wet and dry mediums and layers.


Stillman Birn Sketchbook

Sumi Ink

Tricolor Pencil - Sunset

Pink Prismacolor Pencil

Blue TomBow Pencil Stabilo Water Soluble Pencil

Round and Flat Paintbrush

White Gesso

Palette Knife

I started this page by exploring my dry mediums first layering different scribbly circles along with different sizes and shapes. I allowed myself to just explore remember there is not wrong way to explore and play!

I used my flat brush and a bit of water to blend the Stabilo pencil onto the page and soften that layer over the other layers a bit. You can see my other pencils since they are not water-soluble stayed put! ;)

Next I used my small round brush and the Sumi ink and layers circles right over top of my wet page. I love the way the Sumi ink spread ourganically where the page was wet but is very ordered where the page is dry. This adds a layer of contracst and interest.

I used my palette knife to add my last layer of circles. I love to use gesso in my work because it adds an interesting textural quality and can be used to block out areas and add a layer of transparency if you add a touch of water. By applying this layer with the palette knife I was able to explore a new way of laying down a medium I love to use and create a contrasted foreground with added texture.

Below you can see my finished page along with all of the mediums and tools I used. I will definitely be exploring more with my palette knife and drawing on a wet surface with Sumi ink.

I hope you enjoyed this quick sketchbook exercise and I hope are able to find some time to explore some new mediums and tools in your sketchbook its never a to late to start at the beginning and just explore your creative process.

p.s. Bonus Sketchbook Exercise: Find a quote you love like the one pictured above and use different mediums, pencils, or collage and add it to a page in your sketchbook!

Until next time! Enjoy Your Creative Journey!

XOXO - Tori

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