Sketchbook Series #8

I am back for another quick sketchbook series exercise! This week are exploring the elements of art through color and mixing with white. When you mix a pure color in this case I will be using Phthalo Blue with white this process is also called a tint.

Quick Refresher:

Tint: Color theory defines a true tint as any hue or mixture of pure colors with only white added. A tint lightens the color, but it doesn't make it brighter. Even though the color may appear brighter, in actual fact it is not. In other words, it remains exactly the same color, only a paler version. Furthermore, even a small amount of white added to a color, transforms it into a tint.


Your Sketchbook: Mine is a 7x7 Stillman & Birn Mixed Media Delta Series Sketchbook

A Pencil

A Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen

1 color of Acrylic Paint I used Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)

Titanium White

Zinc White

White Gesso

Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Check out the video below to see the process I used for this exercise. If you don't have these Golden Brand products on hand no worries feel free to use any white you have!

I hope you enjoyed this quick sketchbook exercise and I hope are able to find some time to explore! It is never a to late to start creating and exploring your creative process.

I would love for you to share your drawing in Instagram #DrawRiotSketchbookSeries or come join my Facebook group Creative & Caffeinated and share your creation there!

Until next time! Enjoy Your Creative Journey!

XOXO - Tori

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