The Naked Money Project

I love joining group projects with other artists, the community, the energy and the inspiration all make it extra fun! When Eli Trier asked me to be part of her upcoming Naked Money Project I was all in! Her idea of sorting through with the myths and finding the truths to share about making money as an artist as well as challenging people to have real conversations about being a full time creative was enlightening.

So I sat down to do the math and really think about where my income comes from and to get into the little details of time, experience as well as my story of where and how I got to the place I am at today. I think we are always growing and evolving and I have lots of goals for my creative career ahead of me. I was actually quite surprised to see the data on where I spend my time in any given month in order to maintain my current goals and I know my friends can tell you if your hanging out with me its most likely in my studio.

Eli has 31 different artists that she has tapped to tell their story. If you sign up for The Naked Money Project you can get all of the details plus an e-book at the of the month with all the content in one place! Did I mention this is FREE!

Below is a sneak peek of my monthly hours breakdown for my Naked Money Project post that goes out on August 4th plus I have a worksheet below on time budgeting and goal setting to help you figure out how you spend your time now and focus it on your future goals. There are some basic instructions on the worksheet but I also shot a little video explaining how to use it. (also below) ;)

Making art is only a part of how you build a career as an artist, the above breakdown shows you where I put my time in hours in an average month. I break this down into more specific detail in my full post for the Naked Money Project. Come join the conversation and help uncover the the myths and find the truths of being a full time creative!

Click HERE or on the worksheet image to the left to download my custom time budget worksheet. You can also grab a handmade time log book over on my Etsy shop if you want to easily track your time for a whole month or longer! Here is to all of us living the creative life we want!

Until next time, enjoy your creative journey!

XOXO -Tori Weyers

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