Intuitive Painting Process

I recently finished teaching a 4 week intuitive painting class at Nickelplate Arts in Noblesville Indiana and I thought it would be fun to do a quick post of the progress and progression of the painting I created while I was teaching this class. Intuitive paining is one of my favorite classes to teach because it is so exciting to see everyones styles and process come to life. Check out each of the images below to see the journey this painting took, the last shot is my final painting. Each time I create and teach using this process the final work is almost a surprise. I love all of the things I learn when I create and teach in this way and i have included little snippets of my process below.

My first layers were all about expression and emotion I used wet brushes, my hands and my fingernails to scratch through the paint. We talked about how warm and cool colors pop against each other. We also talked about different types of paint and how "red" isn't really "red" it all depends on the brand you are using.

Mixing color! I mixed this green color as a medium tone warm leaning color to go over the red in my underpainting the goal here was to talk about complementary colors and that a red and green combo is possible and it won't evoke thoughts of Christmas. ;)

Contrast and Texture! Here I used white, black and cool blue and a big patch of red over the green to add some energy into the piece I also used line and some scraping tools to add pattern and texture to the paining.

More white and more pattern made there way into my paining next I calmed a few areas down by dry brushing a transparent layer of white and mixing a bit of red into the wet paint. my composition is also starting to come to life as well the large half oval type shape stays through to the finished paining.

Observational sketching of satellite towers informed the black lines in the latest progression of this paining. I abstracted their form quite a bit but including real world inspiration in my own aesthetic style brings me into the piece and pushed the composition further with a new focal point. That half oval shape has been refined into more of an organic shape but its still there and has become a bit more dominate.

Everything is turned upside down and my paining has come a long way! I added a layer of transparent white, brought back my green that was almost disappearing and really pushed the line, shape and form of my organic satellite shapes. I added detail lines that move you through the composition and some metallic marks to bring interest and pattern. I love how this piece turned out it feels organic yet structured and very graphic.

By sharing and documenting the process of my work I learn more and experience it in a whole new way. I would love to hear what you learn from your process each time you create. Leave a comment below or tag me on Facebook or Instagram with a shot from your paintings or pages process!

I also have lots of classes and workshops coming up both online and in person so be sure to check out my classes page to see all the latest details and dates!

You can also follow along and share your creative process and inspiration on my Facebook Group Page: Creative & Caffeinated I post work, classes, giveaways and more in this group so come join the fun!

Until next time keep creating and enjoy your journey!


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