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Looking back at 2017 & towards 2018 + more #DrawRiotDaily

2017 Top 9 Instagram @DrawRiot

Here we are at the end of 2017 and I have no idea where this year went! I know there was lots of studio time, teaching classes, traveling and lots of art making but I feel like it flew by so fast I feel like I missed whole days or weeks! When you start to break down a year by the numbers you really start to realize just how little time there is. 365 days seams like an eternity on January 1st but if you think about it in smaller numbers 52 weeks or 12 months its starts to seem small and fleeting. I want to make each moment of 2018 count and spend as much time creating, laughing and exploring as possible.

I have big goals for 2018!

I don't really set New Years Resolutions but I do set intentions kind of like guideposts to help me focus on living my life in a meaningful way. My core intention is to focus on healthy living this means both mind, body and spirit. To do this I have come up with a list of things that I want to continue doing and some new things I would like to start doing regularly.

Things I want to keep doing:

Things I want to start doing:

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation

  • Running

  • Weekly Vloging (check out my YouTube channel)

  • Spending weekly dedicated time in my studio exploring new techniques & materials

  • Start writing a book

To make room for the new things I would like to start doing I will need to take a look at some things I need to stop doing.

Things I want to stop doing:

  • Binge watching TV shows ( a little TV is fine 6 hours of TV is too much TV ;))

  • Saying Yes when I mean No (Total time suck here)

  • Eating sugar to deal with stress (maybe draw sugary items instead ;))

  • Sitting on the couch when I should go run for 30 min

Whew thats a lot but I am excited to focus on a whole new year of possibility!

What are your top goals, intentions or resolutions in 2018?

Creative time is always at the top of my list and I am super excited to finally have my first solo class (City & Sea) out, that was one of my big goals for 2017, plus I am stoked to be part of Wanderlust 2018! Early bird pricing is only on for only 10 MORE DAYS! I would love for you to join me and a bunch of other amazing creative teachers for an awesome creative journey in 2018!

My Wanderlust Class is called Taming the Mountains, we will capture the colors, texture and majestic rocky landscape of amazing mountain locals on the east and west coast. Mountains and foothills await us as we discover the timeless beauty of nature and tap into our wild creative spirit! Its going to be so much fun!

Before we jump into 2018 I am also announcing my 2018 #DrawRiotDaily Challenge! I had so much creating with such an amazing community in 2017 I decided to keep this party going! I will be creating prompts every month but this year with a twist. Each month will have a fun theme! For January our theme is COLORS!

So what are the "rules" for #DrawRiotDaily? Really there are no "rules" but if you want to join in it is simple!

  1. Create something every day ( A Drawing, painting, stamp, collage, pattern etc. anything goes!)

  2. Just like the prompts for 2017 they are only a jumping off point if you need them definitely not a must use.

  3. Share! Use #DrawRiotDaily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social platform sharing helps you and everyone else stay accountable and excited to create! When you share your work everyone can see your amazing creations, your personal creative journey and our creative community grows together!

Thats it!

Check out the January prompts below and get ready for a super creative 2018!

(To download the prompt image so you can print the prompts you can click hold and drag it to your desktop or right click and save it!)

You can also follow along and share your pages with everyone on my Facebook Group: Creative & Caffeinated I can't wait to see what you create!

I hope you have a happy holiday and a very merry new year! Remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey!

Until Next Time!

XOXO - Tori

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