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#DrawRiotDaily May 2018

May is almost here!!! Whoa how did this happen so fast?

May is sneaking up on me and I was thinking that since everything feels crazy and all over the place right now a random jumble prompt of the alphabet would be fun, bonus - lots of free space days for doing whatever you feel like! (Plus the alphabet only has 26 letters and there is 31 days in may) ;)

#DrawRiotDaily May is Below!

The theme for DrawRiotDaily in May? Alphabet!

So what are the "rules" for #DrawRiotDaily? Really there are no "rules" but if you want to join in it is simple!

  1. Create something every day ( A Drawing, painting, stamp, collage, pattern etc. anything goes!)

  2. Just like the prompts for 2017 they are only a jumping off point if you need them definitely not a must use.

  3. Share! Use #DrawRiotDaily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social platform sharing helps you and everyone else stay accountable and excited to create! When you share your work everyone can see your amazing creations, your personal creative journey and our creative community grows together!

Thats it!

Check out the April prompts below and get ready for a super creative month as the days get longer and warmer!

(To download the prompt image so you can print the prompts you can click hold and drag it to your desktop or right click and save it!)

You can follow along and share your pages with everyone on Instagram with #DrawRiotDaily and you can now join me on my Facebook Group Page: Creative & Caffeinated I can't wait to see what you create in for the month of May!

I will also have some fun new projects, videos and travel coming up throughout the rest of the year and I can't wait to share all of the creative fun with you!

Enjoy creating this month and remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey!

Until Next Time!

XOXO - Tori

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