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Escape to the Mountains

A much needed vacation, a little bit of meditation, a focus on mindfulness and a beautiful view helps me find my way back to my sketchbook.

Im not even going to say how crazy the last few years have been because I am sure you haver experienced hem right along with me! What I am going to talk about is how important getting away is even if that means just talking a walk outside of your home or getting away for a vacation. The goal is creating an intention for your time away and focusing on the moment, the breath and the now instead of the what if, what next and what was of the past. the only thing you have is right now. Take this moment and be in it, I find that creating art helps me stay in the moment and settle in.

The creative process for me stops the what if, and all the internal chatter and allows me to escape into the flow of now. What help you find the now? If your now is illusive try picking up a pen and some paper and doodling the world in front of you and maybe you can find a way to let go and just be right along with me.

Get out there, find yourself and bring your sketchbook!

xoxo - Tori

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